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About the Artist


My Background

Over three  decades of Chiqui Rodriguez' life takes her from the Philippines'  art  capital in Angono (the hometown where she shared with national  artists  Carlos "Botong" Francisco and Lucio D San Pedro) to Berlin and  various  international art scenes.  Granddaughter to a well-known  realist artist -  the late Perdigon Vocalan, Chiqui is known for her  emotionally  uplifting abstract paintings. 

Chiqui Rodriguez' paintings have all gone up in  value since 2000.  Globally, 25 artworks from the  "Sparkling radiance in the midst of  still air" (2012) series exhibited in "Nothing but the Stars" in Berlin  have been sold out.  DMCI commissioned the artist to do a series of  paintings "Quintessence of Faith" (2008) installed at one of their luxury  properties in Manila.  Her art and design  encompass an  astonishing variety of media including painting,  drawing, music covers,  and interior design to name a few.  Her abstract  art ranges from coffee on paper featuring "intense" post-modern  imagery, to her "advection"  painting that exemplifies the movement of  paint due to force and  transforms into celestial bodies. Her limited  edition paintings continue  to rise in value that makes her one of the  most sought-after living  artists, and an important voice in the art  scene.  

Chiqui's paintings are collected by the diplomatic  community, serious art collectors, investors, politicians, businessmen,  young professionals and corporations in Southeast Asia, Europe, the  Middle East and Latin America.  Aside from its investment value, the  artworks are perfect for decorating homes, office buildings, schools,  restaurants and public spaces. 


A doctorate student at the University of the Philippines and a former executive from two of the world's Fortune 100 companies, Chiqui is one of the renowned artists of Saatchi's Online Gallery and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.   


My Medium

Inspired by experience, she visualized her emotional responses through a process that began with an electronic sketchpad and lead to expressions, that according to the artist, referred to layers of meaning – sudden bursts of happiness, excitement, compassion, moments of bliss. Her medium is mostly acrylic and coffee because of its flexibility and adaptability on whatever surface it land.  


My Inspiration

The artist is inspired by moments of happiness, love and hope of everyday experiences.  She hopes that her paintings will be able to provide a decent education for underserved children.